Get to Know Marist Senior Designers

I am sure you can tell that I adore the Marist Fashion program based off of my last posts about them! If you missed it, click here to see behind the scenes of their fashion department and click here to get the scoop all about the Silver Needle Runway & Awards 2015. It was great having the chance to interview five of their gifted senior designers from the program. Learning about the ladies inspiration for their collections helped me understand the meaning to their designs as I watched them come to life on the runway earlier this month. 

Audrey Maysek won the Outstanding Senior Design Collection and she truly deserved it! Her line is completely children's wear and the clothing has a mature nature to it. It is not your typical little girl, frou-frou style that you see in retail stores. Audrey traveled to London which really inspired her collection. She said that her design style is "preppy". Some of her favorite parts about working on the collection was the fabrications, mixing trims, and making it mature yet playful at the same time. 

Chatting with Abby Taylor was great and seeing her designs on the runway was breathtaking! Her collection was inspired by Yves Saint Laurent's Villa Oasis in Morocco. It is based with a garden theme containing bright colors and textures along with beautiful prints. Her clothing is ready-to-wear, but there are still many embellishments. The fundamentals learned in the Marist Fashion program contributed to her amazing skills. 

Elisa Morales designs were so unique because of her clean cuts and plunging necklines. Her theme was very risqué, but elegant at the same time. It was surely impressive! She said that from being with Marist Fashion she has really learned about time management, organization, and responsibility. I really hope to see her designs all over one day!

Kiana Marko has a collection that is a mixture of masculine meets feminine. The pieces were flashy, which is a great element. She stood out with flattering pieces that had beautiful draping aspects. I enjoyed the statement the designs made. The audience at the fashion show was really captivated with her looks. Everything was so original and bold!

Yosemite Park was the main inspiration for Adele Jackson. She had a beautiful nature aspect that I loved. The colors she used complimented each other very well. When I saw the designs on the runway, I really took note of the detailing and the aesthetic quality. Bring the California vibe to New York was a great idea for sure!


  1. This is great inspiration, love the red trousers, such a sexy color ;)

    Gros bisous from France,



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