So if you haven't read #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso (A.K.A. the amazing genius founder/CEO of Nasty Gal), you MUST add it to your summer reading list. Add it right this second and make it number one! I am a book worm at heart, but if you aren't just trust me because this book will have you crying, laughing, and everything in between. Sophia is not only a legendary #GIRLBOSS, but she made a path for herself the non-traditional way. She never planned to have a huge corporation, it basically found its way into her arms as she was doing what she enjoyed. 

Sophia grew up as a totally rad girl that grew up not fitting in (I'm sure many of us know that story!). She didn't bother with college and went from job to job, even stealing at some points. One day she created an eBay store that she named Nasty Gal. Eventually she ended up getting kicked off the site and she made her own online shop. Lets just say that the rest is history and Sophia has taken the fashion world by storm.

It wasn't her intention to create a multi-million dollar company with hundreds of workers and a huge fan base. No, she did not go to business school or pay thousands on workshops. She learned the craft herself, her way. Sophia mastered the art of utilizing what you have to its best capability. The best part is that she kept a humor through it all! Keeping her ultra cool style and personality and not shifting to the classic fashion mold gave her an edge. 

There are literally hundreds of lessons that this book can teach you, but my favorite is to follow the path that feels right. Only you know what is best for you and there is no time for holding back! If you have read #GIRLBOSS, what is the best thing you learned from reading it?

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