Summer DIY! Indoor Picnic + The Chic Essentials

Picnics and pool BBQ's are fun summery occasions that are so easy to plan. Since they are much more laid back than a full blown party you can enjoy it a lot more because there is no need to constantly entertain the guests. Basically all you need is what everyone wants, food. Now food can make or break a party and it is crucial to know what type of crowd you are catering too. There is a huge difference between a graduation event versus afternoon tea "foods". Chobani and I teamed up to show you the best tips to throw a delicious and effortless party with a chic sha-bang, of course.

1. Think about the time you are holding the party and make sure it isn't the week where half of your guests will be vacationing across the globe. Also, mother nature isn't always the sweetest lady and rain can easily ruin your setup. For my picnic here there ended up being some unexpected bad weather along with humidity, so the fiesta was moved indoor which was no problem because you always need another plan just in case and we ended being even closer to the kitchen making things easier.

2. Like I mentioned before, know the crowd. It is so much easier to work with small groups, but if you are throwing a party for a lot of people you will need some more prep time. It is also good if you can find out if any of your invitees have any special dietary requests to see if you need to throw in any gluten free, soy free, lactose free, vegan, paleo...you get the gist. 

3. Let us not forget the music. What is a party without a killer playlist? The best bet is to use iTunes radio or something along those lines and let your favorite hits play. Remember that the music does set the tone of the party and the vibe you want your event to give. Try to match it to the aesthetic of your set-up, so for the All American BBQ go with summer hits and for a tea party try out the classics.

4. The setup I have here is just what one side of the table would look like for two people because I figured the presentation would be easier to view this way before I set up the rest. This table is actually in the shape of a guitar pick and will hold the eight guests total. I'm totally obsessed with the room I picked because of the classy vibe thanks to the florals and mannequin. Once again, find the aesthetic you are shooting for and plan everything around that.

5. Now this was a small "chatty" type of gathering before having the actual meal. Healthy snacks are always easy because you can never go wrong with an assortment of fruits and veggies. It is the pre-party after all, so save the richer foods for the actual meal. Water is also the easiest option, but I took it a step further and went with Boxed Water simply because it's way cuter. 

6. Chips and dip. This is the #1 BBQ staple because it is the most hassle-free party snack there is. Chobani Mezé Dips are the best because they come in four flavors and this can work for any type of party. They are made with Greek yogurt, so if you love classic Chobani yogurt you will definitely love this. Oh, plus it has much less fat that hummus and many dressings, so this will not break your summer clean eating streak. Basically it tastes like it is filled with horrible and delicious preservatives, but it is free of all preservatives. Whooo! Your guests will thank you.

See I told you it was easy. Happy Partying!



  1. Great tips! I bet it will be a successful party!

  2. I didn't know chobani made dips!


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