Fashion Class is in Session

Professor Raquel here. Today we are talking all about style and hopefully I can be some assistance if you are confused with what to do in a style crisis. Personally I think the worst thing a person confused with fashion can do is Google something around the lines of "fashion trends". No honey, please do not. Looking at the trends is helpful and all, but think about trends as the syrup on top of the pancakes. First you need a good foundation (your personal style) and then the trends are the extra nice flair. Therefore dressing head-to-toe in trends can cover up whatever your unique personal  style is which doesn't deserve to be hidden. So now the question is what is your personal style?

Style tends to get divided up into a ton of specific categories like boho, classic, girly, preppy, chic, grunge, and so on. The cool thing about fashion is that you do not have to be labeled into one group and stick to it. In that case feel free to experiment and think more about yourself as a personal brand. Take me for instance and put together some labels: teenager, student, entrepreneur, pageant queen, equestrian, wanderlust adventurist, blogger, TV personality, and la-de-da-de-da... Basically I fall into a lot of different areas and one type of style just isn't suitable. This is why you dress for your brand, dress to your mood, and dress to impress.

It isn't necessary to wear your most expensive items to feel good about yourself. Pay attention to the pieces that you always tend to grab that are flattering because those are always the easiest to work with. Especially if your look makes you feel like you are prepared for world domination, you are good to go. All of the outfits I wore here took no decisions to pick out because I knew they defined me and they were practical for the occasion. 

Now it is completely possible to make a $30 shirt look like it's $300 if you wear it right. Heck I can wear a solid tee and dirty Converse, but the right accessories is what makes it look like less like "wearing clothing because you must be clothed" and more "what a cute outfit". For the people reading who feel like certain types of clothing are out of your comfort range try to work your way up and start smaller with accessories. Both necklaces and the sunglasses I wore here are from the Born Pretty Store and they make the looks totally me. In any outfit crisis, jewelry is your superhero. As if the sale prices at the Born Pretty Store weren't already amazing enough make sure you use the promo code "MRYT10" for and extra 10% off and free shipping.

Crystal Necklace // Rose Gold Mirrored Sunnies // Gold Pendant Choker

*This post was done in collaboration with the Born Pretty Store. All ideas, words, and opinions are 100% my own.


  1. You are very right. I had planned to also write a similar post about styling. I also feel it is important to know your style and that is always such a key thing and then use trend pieces only because you love them and see where they fit in your style and not because they are trending!

  2. lovely post, kisses :)


  3. Beautiful post, Tips for finding yourself in the right style. Indeed it is not necessary to buy things all too expensive to manage to look great. You just have to know what to choose, you have plenty of options!

  4. Such a great post, thank you for sharing! You seem so lovely too, we should follow each other and keep in touch.. let me know! x



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