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Hello loves! If you follow me on social media you already know that I have been crowned Teen Miss U.S. of America 2016! I am still so humbled that I won. Putting so much work into something and accomplishing that goal is beyond amazing. Also, thank you so much for the sweet messages from so many of you. It means everything to me!

Getting back into things I've been all over the place for the past week. Like honestly I am beginning to feel like a mini globetrotter...on the east coast that is. I finally began to settle down a bit and now that summer vacay is nearing to a close (que in Mike Posner lyrics *baby please don't gooooo*) I feel the need to get back into my solid routine. During the school year which is coming quick I finish up homework first, but sometimes I have modeling or riding lessons and my schedule can get switched around. So here is my typical nighttime routine after working out and eating dinner that leaves me feeling super relaxed and ready for the next day..

7:30 pm: Time to throw my hair in a bun, brush my teeth, and start my skincare routine before hopping in the shower. Recently The Konjac Sponge Company sent me their Heart Sponge and I've been using it to prep my face before cleansing. It is my mini daily spa treatment that helps improve circulation thanks to the french pink clay. This is so important because after having a long, stressful day your skin can feel tight which can lead to breakouts. It lasts a good three months and you can use it with your cleanser or simply alone with water like I do. Awhile ago I did a skincare post showing the next two products I have been using on the daily for the longest and I am still hooked, so for my cleanser I use Neutrogena Ulta Hydrating Cleanser along with my Olay Pro X Advance Cleansing System. Alright now I actually take a long shower and well honestly nothing special here except singing top hits of the early 2000s.

8:00 pm: You would think for a fashion person that I would describe to you some sort of amazing trendy pajamas I like to wear, but lets be real here. My go-to stands at short shorts and concert tees for the most part. After I sit at my vanity and now is the time where I am sharing my major secret that keeps my skin clear (huge thanks Mama Nature for gifting this to me!). Every night I apply only one product which is the Young at Heart Natural Night Cream a.k.a. my miracle product. I always thought it was best to put nothing on your face at night so it can breathe, but skin loses moisture at night and can use a little boost. So this product is completely made up of natural ingredients, hence the name, and jam packed with nutrients. Now even though it is a "cream" it is extremely lightweight and sets into your skin instantly. I've been using it every night for weeks and I am so happy with how balanced my combo skin has been.  Like I wake up so sure each morning knowing that I won't have any blemishes or redness. This is the second product that I've tried from Mama Nature and their products are a gamechanger. Now I just want to throw in that I only work with companies that I adore and Mama Nature is best of the best, my opinion 1000%.

8:15 pm: Now like the blogger I am, guess what I do next? Blog. I spend a good bit of time responding to business emails and working on content while laying in bed. Then I procrastinate and online shop to help cure writers block followed by scrolling through social media as I sip on Sleepytime Vanilla herbal tea. What else is new? Also, my doggie Cupcake is most likely by my side growling at me to pet her. She brings spoiled to a new level.

9:15 pm: I love to catch up on whatever I'm watching on Netflix, currently it is Heartland. Once I force myself not to continue to the next episode I will switch to reading a good book. In all honesty reading before bed is really calming because so much of my day is spent in front of a screen. I've always been a huge book person though. I was the kid in the library checking out 20 books at a time and faithfully reading each and every one of them.

10:30 pm: So on school days I try my best to go to bed super early because I'm up at 6am, but that doesn't always happen. Going to sleep at 10:30 sounds so early in my head (it's still not even 8 hours..my goodness) because in the summer on-the-go is an understatement. Sleep is extremely important though, so I gotta make sure I get enough. Sweet dreams darlin'!



  1. Congrats on winning! Hard work always pays off! Because I dont have much time to get ready in the morning, my night time routine is special and I always take about an hour to get unready and use the products my skin needs before sleeping. Great post!


  2. Congratulations! I do have a routine preparing for the next day. I can't get up in the morning so I have to make some adjustments before.

  3. Congratulation! :)Thy pyjama is so sweet!


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  4. I love posts like this! Congratulations on winning x


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