#NYFW: Kyboe

Fashion Month is literally so magical. I was going through emails and making an attempt to get my life together when I realized how many things I had booked with no time in between to get from place to place. Like a girl needs a coffee break. So I had to make an attempt to cut out multiple parties, shows, and events to make sure I saw all of my top favorites. 

Kyboe was the one and only accessory brand to show officially at NYFW which put it on my must-see list. My Insta followers saw it first, but they sent over two beyond gorgeous watches to my assistant and I to get the feel of their brand and let's just say I love. Personally I am a fan of huge watches, so I gravitate toward anything over 45mm, minimum. Kyboe believes in "bigger is better" and "work hard, play hard" so I have been wearing my Port Rose Gold 55mm all day, err day.

The conveyor belt displaying the entire watch collection during the show while they were being modeled down the runway was such an original idea. The presentation was really upbeat where even the models looked like they were having a blast dancing and smiling. Yes, models smiling at a runway show! Plus the watch styles and features are honestly much nicer in comparison to the competition. Clearly this is the reason why so many fashionistas are wearing them. Definitely the perfect show to kick-off my NYFW!



  1. Girl you are working the escalator haha. I need to do NYFW one season, London has me a little bored now but would love to see how nyc compares.


  2. Looks & sounds like you had an amazing time! Loving how chic your outfit is as well. :)


    Looks by Lau

  3. Looking so fab!! Wish I could have made it to NYFW, next year for sure! http://bohonouveau.blogspot.com/

  4. This brand has some lovely watches :-) Plus their fashion show looked like it had a really interesting layout! So jealous that you got to go!


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