Style FW S/S17

Fashion Month has been moving along and I would pretty much do anything to be at MFW right now, but Italy will have to wait because your girl has school. Instead I will bring it back to happier times at NYFW and recap what was happening at Style Fashion Week.

I had other shows and events before heading to SFW, and sadly I had to skip a few things. SFW stayed on my list since I heard fabulous things about the shows they put on. I always think I am capable of doing a million things in one day, but forget it's NYC and it is a guarantee that every taxi going past is already full or another event pops up that you want to go to so you have to run from SoHo to Midtown West like a crazy lady. What struggles. Then a blogging break is usually needed to check footage, so I decided at one point that I had to skip a party to regroup and have a scoop of gelato instead. 

Finally, I found myself at SFW on the red-carpet and then seated to watch Orlando Dugi and PM Waterlily. From the start I felt that buzz in the air knowing that the show was going to be special. Both designers had really unique concepts and used unconventional materials in their designs. One dress literally had hair extensions clipped to it, and it looked pretty rad. Things like this makes me love how artistic fashion is. The Native American influences and earthy vibes made the collections even more spot on for S/S17.

On a total side note, I need to mention how I was super impressed with the models chosen for the show. They definitely were not the typical high fashion models. There was a variety of heights, lots of diversity, and they were far from being stick thin. I don't think sickly bodies and extreme proportions should define the face of fashion. Displaying the wrong message about the industry is what leads to misconceptions. So, it's really amazing to see the fashion industry growing and being more realistic.



  1. Wow, I must say that this event is pretty great! I love the set up and how I wish I were seating there and watching the whole fashion show too! :)



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