Friday, December 26, 2014

A Quick Stop: Macaron Café

Gossip Girl fanatics and Parisian lovers unite! Macarons have been my favorite delicate dessert for a long time now, even though for some reason I remember disliking them when I was younger. It is almost like my relationship with coffee blended drinks. I couldn't stand them when I was little, but loved them because they made me feel grown up. Today Starbucks may as well be my middle name as I am latte and frappe obsessed.

There is something so dainty about eating macarons compared to stuffing my face with Oreos. If there are tons of cafes totally dedicated to the luxury treat, that should tell you something about their rising popularity. Macaron Café has multiple locations throughout NYC, but the one that I seem to usually wind up at is the one on 36th St. and 7th Ave. It is a very tiny and quaint store with very pleasant workers. A perfect stop after long meetings and getting through the holiday crowds.


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Quote It

If you are reading this I have a simple one-minute challenge for you...

Have you ever though about the real deep meaning of quotes and their motivation? With 2015 nearby, I think we should enter it with a new beginning of dreams and great prosper. Whether you want to open your own business, get into shape, do better in school, get into a new hobby, organize your wardrobe, post more on your blog, love yourself more, or whatever it is, planning and determination is the most important key. I guess you can say we should evaluate what we are currently doing, but I am sure that most people would end up starting out with the negative things about what we are doing wrong or what we wish we could be doing or what we don't like. Instead we need to flip that terminology around and focus on the good we are doing and what we can do better to improve ourselves even more. 


Saturday, December 20, 2014

It's A Hard Knock Life: Annie Premiere

(Autographs from cast members)

This past Friday was the release of the new movie Annie starring Jamie Foxx, Quvenzhane Wallis, and Cameron Diaz. I attended the red carpet premiere party and Q&A session hosted by AMC Theaters for the family and friends for the actors. The turnout was amazing and you could see all of the dedication put into this movie. Since I am far from a movie critic, I am not going to spoil it and tell you the whole plot line and spoilers as I really think anyone would enjoy watching this movie. There is no way I expected it to be like the classic Annie as it is a contemporary twist and that is why I found it so special.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Friday, December 5, 2014

Ulta Black Friday Sale: Hit or Miss?

Based on my last post, I am sure you got a small insight on how much I love Black Friday. I always loved browsing through the Ulta website, so I decided to skip the store and order it online. In the ads, they were featuring this Irresistible Beauty 72 piece makeup kit for only $14.99. Crazy huh? I had to buy it for sure, but in order to get the best deal I may have as well spent $25 in order to receive the free shipping. So I ordered their famous sculpting palate (retails for $14.99, sale $5) and automatic eyeliner (retails for $8.99, sale $5). This made the total $24.99 and it has to hit $25 before tax, so back to browsing. I then just threw in a $1.00 Tea Tree Face Mask from The Body Shop to which I did not bother picturing, but will feature in a future post. 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Here Comes the Bride...

Okay, let's start off with no, I am not getting married. I am fifteen years old for heavens sake. But, I did get to dress up as a bride! I had the amazing opportunity of working with Chamoinx Bridal and working as a live model at a bridal expo. I was able to walk around the expo and speak to all of the future brides about the gowns. It was such a great event and Marion's Salon did a fabulous job doing my bridal hair and makeup look for me. The hairstyle was vintage inspired and it reminded me of Audrey Hepburn for sure and the makeup was all about staying natural. The whole look together felt so special!

The first dress I wore was by Marissa and it was just so elegant. The huge black satin bow-ribbon gave it such a unique look. The simplicity of the gown was just amazing. The second dress I wore was WToo and it's actually two pieces. The top was a corset style and it was completely adorned with thousands of gems and crystals. The bottom of the dress was a stunning creme color and cinched on the side. A belt was added in the middle to where the skirt and top met and it added a gorgeous touch. I was in love with this dress as it said glitz and glam all over! What is your favorite dress?


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Steampunk Photoshoot

One amazing part I love about modeling is that photoshoot themes are not always your typical glamorous beauty shots! Getting to try different themes does not only help bring out your creative side, but it's like a challenging test. One of my recent photoshoot challenges was doing a steampunk style photoshoot. I did not know too much about steampunk other than it's a science genre/time civilization from the nineteenth century. With a lot of research on their style, I learned that deep colors (reds, blacks, dark greens, etc.), corsets, tall boots, and head pieces were completely steampunk attire. It is extremely important to research your theme because you have to know what was relative in that time in order to have proper poses, facial expressions, etc. The costume designer was completely amazing and she pieced together such amazing looks for the models. The hairstyle I had was a soft, low chignon as the headpiece is what was really meant to stand out. The makeup was very dramatic and intricate along with my extremely long feather false eyelashes which looks super cool in the pictures!

MUA: Dielle Jeancharles
Hair: Rosalinda Biddle
Stylist: Rachael Van Houten 


Thursday, October 9, 2014

eShakti Customization

Hello my lovelies! If you missed my post from last month I posted about how excited I was about waiting for my custom dress from eShakti, make sure you check it out here. To refresh your minds, eShakti is an online clothing store that makes standard and custom clothing for all ladies sizes 0-36. Their customization is great because it allows the buyer to get exactly what makes them feel amazing and flatters them perfectly.

My whole experience with them is nothing but fantastic. Their whole store is nothing but classy and stylish pieces for every single shape and size. When ordering a custom design, you are allowed to completely transform the dress to exactly how you would like it. You submit all of your exact body measurements from head to toe, your height, and even the exact length/sleeve length you prefer. I found this customization to be extremely great as I am always crossing my fingers when I order clothes online hoping that their size chart will be accurate. Sizes are very weird now a days because everyone is so different. Even if something is cute and it fits, does it actually "fit"? With eShakti, there was no worries as I knew it would be just how I wanted. 

After taking forever to decide what item I wanted the most, I chose the Diamond Quilt Jacquard Sheath Dress in wine/black. The pattern is just stunning and the material is very heavy. The quality was beyond amazing and it was as every stitch was made with care. I was super impressed with the fit and how they made sure there would still be enough room to breathe! 

When it comes to dresses, I usually do not buy ones at mid-calf length, but I am really happy that I stepped out of my comfort zone and got this one. Basically I am either a maxi dress or mini dress kinda girl. Never really too much in between. I found that the quality is what determines how much you love a dress. Since it fit so well, the length was fabulous! That is why I am now so in love with eShakti. Other than dresses, they do sell other items such as blouses and jackets so I will be checking them out very soon and you should too!


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Cardigan Coziness

Fall leaves, Starbucks in hand, fresh farm cider donuts, and a warm cardigan...all of my favorite parts of autumn. What is your favorite fall essential? Transitioning from such a warm New York summer into fall is extremely difficult. You almost need to keep all types of clothes around for the month of October. After a crazy schedule in September *fashion month*, things are finally winding down for a little bit. Luckily, I was able to get a lot done and there is lots upcoming to the blog. Until tomorrow...xo

What I'm wearing:
Cardigan- Charlotte Russe
Jeans- Hollister
Boots- Pink and Pepper
Necklace- Charlotte Russe
Ring- Charlotte Russe


Sunday, September 14, 2014

NYFW Recap

Straight from Lilly Ghalichi's Instagram is a perfect recap of an amazing show.....

My favorite time of them year will always be NYFW. I was constantly checking in on all of the shows live streaming online and on social media as my modeling and school schedule was so crazy that it only allowed me to go to the city and attend shows one day. I was able to attend the amazing Lilly Ghalichi's Want My Look NYFW show also featuring Walter Mendez and Michael Costello. All three designers had stunning collections and they certainly some of my favorite designs for the season. I was able to network with a lot of different bloggers and brands which was very nice. I even knew one of the photographers from him being press at a previous NYFW show I modeled in last season. The fashion industry is such a small world! Here a few of the brands and people I met....

This all natural oral care company. They are called "hello" and they have some great products!

These shimmer temporary tattoos are one of the newest accessory trends of the season and they look so pretty. I got one that looks like a stunning bracelet. I have to buy some!

An awesome headphone company that allows you to listen to music like normal or twist the pieces out to make it into a speaker for all the hear. 

This makeup company has theatrical based cosmetics but now they are making everyday makeup. With their special technology the makeup will stay on through sweat and debris until you remove it at night. I will keep my eye out for this brand and possibly review it in the future!

This a very unique handbag company that makes bags with super cool textures and prints. I was in love with them!

Modeling one of my favorite bags on the red carpet. 

So now for my outfit of course. I wanted something trendy yet comfortable for a warm day in the city while walking and taking the subway  I wore an easy top with a lace design in the back that matched my skirt perfectly. My belt helped set it off and I wore my favorite snakeskin print Steve Madden's. My bracelet was my favorite statement piece and I got compliments all day on it!

Here are some more great moments of the day:
The official Style 360 sign inside of the Metropolitan West!

Here I am with the reality show stars Susanna Paliotta and Lori-Ann Marchese of "Game of Crowns"!

All three designers posing on the red carpet! (Lilly Ghalichi, Michael Costello, and Walter Mendez)

After the show always calls for a sweet treat so I headed down to Soho to go to Jacques Torres Chocolate.  

The beautiful almost nighttime view of a Soho....

Nice outdoor dining with my one of my fashion blogging friends. The weather was perfect and it was so relaxing after such a long day. We ate at Agozar Cuban Restaurant down in Soho. Yum!

The amazing Pinchos dish that I ordered. 

Well wasn't that a great day? I enjoyed it so much as I am such a huge fan of the designers. Until next time NYFW...xoxo!

What I'm wearing:
TOP- MP Black
SKIRT- Ultra Pink
BELT- Ann Taylor
HEELS- Steve Madden

Thursday, September 11, 2014

eShakti Custom Clothing

Ever felt like no matter what you buy one section of the clothing doesn't fit properly? We'll say goodbye to that and hello to eShakti. This is the first brand that makes custom sizes catered to all women size 0-36W. I recently ordered a dress from them and gave them all of my specific body measurements. It was extremely easy and I am very excited to receive the final product in the mail. The best part about them is that their clothing is very versatile for every type of women of all shapes and styles. This is the dress I got and I love that the color will be amazing for the fall. 

Make sure you get a chance to check out this fabulous brand if you haven't already spotted some of their designs in magazines. I love a good online store that is very fresh and open to every type of girl. I will certainly be posting when it arrives, so stay on the lookout! 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Kleenex Gone Designer

Designer tissues: a luxury find or a waste of time? I am a horrific allergy sufferer, so Kleenex is usually a must have on the grocery list. I am a baby for cute patterned boxes and that is when I saw the one. Kleenex by Isaac Mizrahi. Now as cute as his leopard handbags are, tissues were a new trend I never pictured. The tissue boxes were even the same patterns as his recent collection (and the box is a pretty nice room staple)! It is a very smart business idea if you ask me as it does catch a buyers eye, but what are you thoughts on the trend?


Friday, August 15, 2014

Latest Obsession : Bath Bombs

Visiting major cities is always the amazing excuse to visit their huge malls and the last mall I went to had a Lush store. I have always been a huge fan of their lip balms, but I never ordered a bath bomb online as I would not know what the scent is like. Being surrounded by tons of bath bombs made it so difficult to choose. I was like a kid in the candy store! One of the workers suggested trying their newest one called "Granny Takes a Dip". I decided to go for it because I fell in love with its rainbow color.

I just tried it recently and I do have to say that I really like it. From the bright color, to the citrus scent, it was really nice. As it was melting away, it left a rainbow trail behind it which looked awesome. Do you have a favorite bath bomb?

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