Monday, August 29, 2016

Nighttime Routine | Getting UNready With Me

Hello loves! If you follow me on social media you already know that I have been crowned Teen Miss U.S. of America 2016! I am still so humbled that I won. Putting so much work into something and accomplishing that goal is beyond amazing. Also, thank you so much for the sweet messages from so many of you. It means everything to me!

Getting back into things I've been all over the place for the past week. Like honestly I am beginning to feel like a mini globetrotter...on the east coast that is. I finally began to settle down a bit and now that summer vacay is nearing to a close (que in Mike Posner lyrics *baby please don't gooooo*) I feel the need to get back into my solid routine. During the school year which is coming quick I finish up homework first, but sometimes I have modeling or riding lessons and my schedule can get switched around. So here is my typical nighttime routine after working out and eating dinner that leaves me feeling super relaxed and ready for the next day..


Saturday, August 13, 2016

Fashion Class is in Session

Professor Raquel here. Today we are talking all about style and hopefully I can be some assistance if you are confused with what to do in a style crisis. Personally I think the worst thing a person confused with fashion can do is Google something around the lines of "fashion trends". No honey, please do not. Looking at the trends is helpful and all, but think about trends as the syrup on top of the pancakes. First you need a good foundation (your personal style) and then the trends are the extra nice flair. Therefore dressing head-to-toe in trends can cover up whatever your unique personal  style is which doesn't deserve to be hidden. So now the question is what is your personal style?

Monday, August 8, 2016

The Grind Never Stops

Photo Credit: Georgina Vaughan

Most would assume that summer vacay is equivalent to relaxing by the pool all day and having the occasional bonfire. In a way I wish, but then again I take that back because I enjoy being out and about all the time. I've been working on some fun projects, as well as getting back in the studio modeling. I desperately needed new comp cards, so my agent is sending me the new proofs soon. It's pretty crazy how fast your look can change without realizing it and I even got taller too. 

Oh, and don't let me forget that NYFW is in a mere month and I have a national pageant in a WEEK. I have a few last minute things to do to prepare for the pageant, but I'm super excited simply because nothing is better than being onstage. The best part about pageant prep is that it's a journey of becoming the best version of yourself inside and out. Preparing for interview turns into a life skill and you can answer basically anything with a fluid, short and sweet response. The list can go on including being in great shape, proper nutrition, keeping your skin/hair healthy and glowing, volunteering, and continuously representing your state title at events. Wearing the crown is the easy part of the job because the girl wearing it has to do so much before hitting the stage, and it is the most rewarding experience ever.

I'm feeling emotional that there is only one month of summer left before school starts again, but in away there are so many things I'm working on this month that I want the days to keep moving. In that case, follow your dreams people and Happy Monday! xo.
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